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Landon Chronicles (1950): Kenneth on Arguing with Cochran and His Deputy Chief of Mission (DCM) During an Emergency Landing (hour 76, clip 15)

 Digital Record
Identifier: LC76-15


  • Digitized: 1950


Summary Note

Merle Cochran was convinced that the administration that had been set up in Indonesia would be reelected. Kenneth was convinced that there would be a change. The two men argued about it. When Kenneth boarded the plane the next day, Merle Cochran's DCM, Jake Beam, was flying with him, to persuade him not to give a report that would contradict Cochran's, but Kenneth maintained that he would report what he had seen. The plane hit the monsoon wind and reached a point that it could not go forward, and had to fly sideways over the edge of Sumatra and land on its belly, without wheels, in a paddy field. (Length 4:00)