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Collection 037 Evangelicals for Social Action

Identifier: CN 037
Scope and Contents Collection correspondence, press releases and clippings, lists, minutes, reports, proposals, conference declaration, and financial records, chiefly from workshops sponsored by the Evangelicals for Social Action, 1973-1976. The records in this collection deal mostly with the origins, agendas, and decisions of the 1973-1976 ESA workshops along with some material which indicate the response to the workshop.
Dates: Created: 1965-1976

Collection 074 Ephemera of Billy Graham

Identifier: CN-074
Scope and Contents Correspondence, form letters, audio tapes, films, etc., gathered for the most part from non-Billy Graham Evangelistic Association sources which relate to Graham's family history, work as an evangelist, and his activities and influence as a public figure.[NOTE: In the Scope and Content description, the notation "Folder 2-6" means box 2, Folder 6.]This collection contains mainly materials gathered by the staff about Billy Graham or the...
Dates: Created: 1863-2013

Collection 318 Papers of L. Nelson Bell

Identifier: CN-318
Dates: 1923-1973

Collection 364 Oral History Interview with Spencer W. Perkins

Identifier: CN 364
Scope and Contents Oral history interview with Spencer W. Perkins (1954-1998) in which he discusses his childhood in California and Mississippi; attending black and white schools; relations with his father, John Perkins; the civil rights movement in Mississippi in the late 60s and early 70s; and the work of Voice of Calvary Ministries in Jackson, MS. The time period covered by the interview is 1954-1987.Spencer Perkins was interviewed by Paul Ericksen on June 18, 1987 at the Voice of Calvary...
Dates: Created: 1987

Collection 365 Oral History Interview with Shirlene Walker Philips

Identifier: CN 365
Scope and Contents Oral history interview with Shirlene Walker Phillips in which she discusses her childhood, education, hospital and clinic work, her work with Dolphus Weary and Voice of Calvary Ministries, and racial conditions in Mississippi, especially Mendenhall. The time period covered by the interview is 1956-1987.

Shirlene Phillips was interviewed by Paul A. Ericksen on June 18 and 19, 1987 at the office of Voice of Calvary Ministries, Jackson, MS.
Dates: Created: 1987

Collection 367 Papers of John Perkins

Identifier: CN 367
Scope and Contents Oral history interview, video tapes, and promotional material, relating to the ministry of John Perkins, author, speaker, and founder and President Emeritus of Voice of Calvary Ministries.Series: Audio TapesOral history interview with John PerkinsInterview with John Perkins in which he describes his childhood in rural Mississippi, his conversion, the formation of VOCM, its program and significant events and individuals in its history,...
Dates: Created: 1983-1995

Collection 368 Oral History Interview with Vera Mae Perkins

Identifier: CN 368
Scope and Contents Oral history interview with Vera Mae Buckley Perkins in which she discusses her family background, her education, the importance of her Christian faith, marriage to John Perkins, racial conditions in Mississippi and involvement in Civil Rights demonstration, and racial conditions in that state. Other topics discussed include her work as a migrant laborer and participation in Civil Rights protests that resulted in the integration of the school system in Mendenhall, Mississippi. The time period...
Dates: Created: 1987

Collection 369 Oral History Interview with Lue Shelby

Identifier: CN 369
Scope and Contents Oral history interview with Lue Shelby in which she describes her family background; Voice of Calvary Ministries; the health clinic started by VOC; health problems among the the low-income population in Jackson, MS; Bible study for patients and staff at the clinic; programs for educating the community in personal health care; racial conditions in Mississippi; and the VOC Fellowship Church. The time period covered by the interview is 1953-1987.Lue Shelby was interviewed by Paul...
Dates: Created: 1987 

Collection 370 Oral History Interview with Melvin R. Anderson

Identifier: CN 370
Scope and Contents Oral history interview with Melvin R. Anderson in which he discusses his work with Voice of Calvary Ministries in Jackson, MS, particularly as director of Peoples Development Incorporated and its housing ministry to rennovate and make homes available to the economically disadvantaged in Jackson. Other topics discussed include Anderson's family background, education, racial integration of the public school system; boycott of white businesses,  the influence of John and Vera Mae Perkins on him,...
Dates: Created: 1987

Collection 371 Oral History Interview with C.J. Jones

Identifier: CN 371
Scope and Contents Oral history interview with Cornelius Jerome "C.J." Jones about his childhood, work with the civil rights movement, John Perkins and the Voice of Calvary, Dolphus Weary and The Mendenhall Ministries, his philosophy of ministry, the impact of TMM on the community, and racial conditions in Mississippi. The time period covered by the interview is 1944 to 1987.

C. J. Jones was interviewed by Paul Ericksen on June 25, 1987, at the Mendenhall Ministries office in Mendenhall, Mississippi.
Dates: Created: 1987

Collection 374 Oral History Interviews with Artis Fletcher

Identifier: CN 374
Scope and Contents Oral history interview with Artis Edwards Fletcher in which he discusses his childhood, education, and work as pastor of the Mendenhall Bible Church. Also discussed are John Perkins, Voice of Calvary Ministries, the black church in the United States, and racial conditions in Mississippi. The time period covered by the interviews is 1944-1987.

Artis Fletcher was interviewed in by Paul Ericksen at office at the Mendenhall Bible Church, Mendenhall, MS on June 26, 1987.
Dates: Created: 1987

Collection 375 Oral History Interview with Suzanne Griggins

Identifier: CN-375
Scope and Contents Oral history interview with Suzanne Elizabeth Griggins (T3-T4) in which she describes her work as a lawyer at the Mendenhall Ministries Law Office, including examples of cases. Other topics discussed include: Griggins’ conversion and spiritual growth; political, legal, educational, racial and social conditions in rural Mississippi; voter registration; pastor Artis Fletcher; the Ku Klux Klan; and the church's response to injustice. The collection also includes an orientation session (T1-T2) that...
Dates: Created: 1987

Collection 501 Oral History Interviews with Beverly Yates

Identifier: CN 501
Scope and Contents Oral history interview with Beverly (Pannell) Yates in which she discusses her childhood in Michigan, family history, her brother (evangelist William Pannell), her conversion and spiritual growth, impact of B.M. Nottage on her life, work as a nurse, her ministry among women, Ruth Bentley, Melvin Banks, the black church in Chicago, the development of the Chicagoland Christian Women's Conference, and the Westside Holistic Center. The time period covered by the interviews is 1931-1994....
Dates: Created: 1994

Collection 584 Papers of Thomas F. Zimmerman

Identifier: CN-584
Scope and Contents Audio tapes, phonograph records, photographs, correspondence, minutes, reports, clippings, speeches, and other materials related toThomas F. Zimmerman's leadership in a number of conservative American Protestant organizations and evangelistic efforts. The bulk of the collection relates to his involvement in the Lausanne Committee for World Evangelization both internationally and in the United States, but there is also information on his work with the 1985 American Festival of Evangelism (AFOE),...
Dates: Created: 1955-1990

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Billy Graham Evangelistic Association. 3
Griggins, Suzanne. 3
Mendenhall Ministries (Miss.) 3
Ford, Gerald R., 2
Graham, Billy, 2
Ku Klux Klan (1915- ) 2
Mendenhall Ministries (Mendenhall, Miss.) 2
National Council of the Churches of Christ in the United States of America. 2
Tucker, Lem. 2
Wheaton College (Ill.) 2
American Civil Liberties Union. 1
American Medical Association. 1
Anderson, Melvin, 1
Armstrong, Ben. 1
Assemblies of God. 1
Banks, Melvin E. 1
Barrows, Cliff. 1
Bentley, Ruth Lewis. 1
Bertermann, Eugene R. 1
Bright, Bill. 1
Bright, Vonette Z. 1
Buckley, R. A. 1
Carter, Jimmy, 1924- 1
Chafin, Kenneth Leon. 1
Chicagoland Christian Women's Conference. 1
Christianity Today, Inc. 1
Chung-kuo kuo min tang. 1
Coleman, Robert Emerson, 1
Dain, Arthur John, 1
Eisenhower, Dwight D. 1
Engstrom, Theodore Wilhelm, 1
Evangelical Council for Financial Accountability. 1
Evangelical Women's Caucus. 1
Evangelicals for McGovern. 1
Evangelicals for Social Action (U.S.) 1
Ford, Leighton. 1
Gerber, Vergil. 1
Gih, Andrew. 1
Halverson, Richard C. 1
Hatfield, Mark O. 1
Henry, Carl F. H. 1
Hoke, Donald Edwin, 1
Howard, David M. 1
Huston, Sterling. 1
International Christian Broadcasters. 1
Jones, Cornelius J. 1
Jones, Rufus, 1
Kennedy, John F. 1
Key 73. 1
Kivengere, Festo. 1
Lausanne Committee for World Evangelization. 1
Melvin, Billy. 1
Mendenhall Bible Church (Miss.) 1
Moberg, David O. 1
National Association of Evangelicals. 1
National Black Evangelical Association. 1
National Religious Broadcasters (U.S.) 1
Nixon, Richard M. 1
Northwestern College (St. Paul, Minn.) 1
Nottage, B. M. 1
Nurses Christian Fellowship (U.S.) 1
Osei-Mensah, Gottfried. 1
Palau, Luis, 1
Pannell, William E. 1
Perkins, Spencer, 1
Phillips, Shirlene. 1
Pierard, Richard V., 1
Presbyterian Church in the U.S. 1
Rose, Jerry D., 1
Shelby, Lue. 1
Sider, Ronald J. 1
Trueblood, D. Elton, 1
Truman, Harry S., 1
Tuskegee Institute. 1
United Gospel Tabernacle (Wheaton, Ill.) 1
Voice of Calvary Fellowship Church (Miss.) 1
Wagner, C. Peter. 1
Wang, Thomas. 1
Washington Bible College (Lanham, Md.) 1
Westlawn Gospel Chapel (Chicago, Ill.) 1
Westside Holistic Family Center (Chicago, Ill.) 1
World Council of Churches. 1
World Vision International. 1
World Wide Pictures, Inc. 1
Yamamori, Tetsunao, 1
Yates, Beverly. 1
Yates, Leroy L. 1
Year of the Bible Foundation. 1
Zimmerman, Thomas F. 1
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