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Collection 217 Papers of Elisa Espineli Chinn

Identifier: CN 217
Scope and Contents The collection consists of four oral history interviews with Lisa Chinn covering her childhood and family, education, ministry with Inter-Varsity Christian Fellowship of the Philippines and InterVarsity in the United States, ministries with her husband Leiton in the US among international students (with International Students, Inc., Interaction, and their church), writing projects, and her experience as a female leader. Also included are her graduate school creative project, "Cross Cultural...
Dates: Created: 1972-2020

Collection 221 Ephemera of Campus Crusade for Christ

Identifier: CN 221
Scope and Contents Ten phonograph records and one audio tape containing messages by William R. Bright, Billy Graham, Richard C. Halverson, F.J. Huegel, J. Edwin Orr, Eugenia Price, Bernard Ramm, Wilbur Smith, and others used for various aspects of CCC ministry.The ten phonograph records are approximately twenty minutes on each side and consist of talks on selected topics delivered by Bill Bright, members of the CCC Board, and other outstanding individuals, authors, professors, and missionaries. ...
Dates: Created: 1960

Collection 237 Records of the Slavic Gospel Association

Identifier: CN 237
Scope and Contents Correspondence, minutes, prayer letters, audio tapes, films, and other materials documenting the work of the Slavic Gospel Association. Records deal with the early career of Peter Deyneka Sr.; work of individual missionaries; long range planning for the mission; radio ministry; literature publication and distribution; and evangelism in Europe, North America and South America. Collection contains significant information about the church in eastern Europe. Most of the documents in the collection...
Dates: Created: 1922-1983

Collection 388 Oral History Interviews with Catherine Saavedra Velasco

Identifier: CN 388
Scope and Contents Oral history interviews with Catherine Saavedra Velasco in which she discusses her life and ministry in the Philippines, including her childhood, education, and work as a Bible school teacher. Other topics covered include theological education and evangelism in the Philippines; work with "Here's Life Philippines," sponsored by Campus Crusade for Christ; the Christian and Missionary Alliance Church; Filipino culture; Muslim and Catholic communities in the Philippines; Ebenezer Bible College; and...
Dates: Created: 1988

Collection 408 Oral History Interview with Tien Fock Leong

Identifier: CN 408
Scope and Contents Oral history interviews with Tien Fock Leong in which he describes his conversion, work with Campus Crusade for Christ in Malaysia; Malaysian culture in the Chinese community; the Malaysian church; and the relationship between church and state in Malaysia. Other topics discussed include social and economic conditions of Malaysia; the Muslim population in Malaysia; role of women in Malaysian society; American misconceptions of Malaysia; cultural diversity of Malaysia; and the Japanese occupation...
Dates: Created: 1989

Collection 413 Oral History Interview with Matthew Parker

Identifier: CN 413
Scope and Contents Oral history interview with Matthew Parker in which he describes his childhood, family, education, conversion, study at Grand Rapids School of Bible and Music and work/study at Wheaton College, ministry with Campus Crusade in its sports ministry and with Overseas Crusades sports evangelism ministry (Venture for Victory w/ Bud Schaeffer), the 1984 and 1986 National Summits on Black Church Development, the Atlanta '88 Congress on Evangelizing Black America, the Afro-American community, white...
Dates: Created: 1989

Collection 419 Oral History Interviews with Crawford W. Loritts, Jr.

Identifier: CN 419
Scope and Contents Oral history interviews with Crawford Wheeler Loritts, Jr., in which he discusses his childhood; family; conversion; education at Philadelphia College of Bible; perception of racial conditions as he experienced them; evangelistic ministry; church planting projects with of Black Evangelistic Enterprise in Canton, Mississippi, and with Tony Evans in Dallas Other topics discussed include: American Missionary Fellowship; Tony Evans; Here's Life Black America; Bill...
Dates: Created: 1989-1990

Collection 448 Oral History Interviews with Seung-Hun Yang

Identifier: CN 448
Scope and Contents Oral history interview with Seung-Hun Yang in which he discusses the discipline and devotion of the rural South Korean Presbyterian church he grew up in, the effects of the Korean War on the country, his father's example as a Christian and lay leader, the work of the Navigators abd Campus Crusade for Christ in Korea, Yang's education as a physicist, the introduction of creation science to Korea, his efforts to found a Christian university, and the strengths and weaknesses of the Korean church...
Dates: Created: 1991

Collection 498 Oral History Interviews with William E. Pannell

Identifier: CN-498
Scope and Contents Oral history interviews with William E. Pannell in which he describes his childhood in Michigan, his family, conversion as a teenager, his growing awareness of racism in America and especially its influence on American Christianity, education at Fort Wayne Bible College, involvement with the Brethren Assemblies, the part preaching has played in his life, the divide between urban and suburban culture and its impact on black and white churches and institutions, his work with Youth for Christ, the...
Dates: Created: 1995-2007

Collection 519 Oral History Interviews with International Renewal Ministries

Identifier: CN 519
Scope and Contents Oral history interviews with Joseph C. Aldrich and Terry Dirks, leaders of International Renewal Ministries, in which they describe their personal backgrounds and the origins, purpose, and impact of the prayer summits for pastors sponsored by IRM. They also both talked about the revival on the campus of Multnomah Bible School that occurred on April 14, 1995. The time period covered by the interviews is 1940 to 1995.Terry Dirks and Joseph Aldrich were interviewed by Bob Shuster on...
Dates: Created: 1995

Collection 531 Oral History Interview with Mary M. Cagney

Identifier: CN 531
Scope and Contents Oral history interviews with Mary Majella Cagney in which she describes her childhood, family, spiritual development, conversion and Christian life, Irish Catholicism, education, interaction between Catholics and Protestants in Ireland, Irish Evangelicalism, charismatics, Evangelical agencies working in the country, women's role in church, Leanne Payne's Pastoral Care Ministries conferences, Wheaton College Graduate School, strengths and weaknesses of the Evangelical church in Ireland,...
Dates: Created: 1996

Collection 536 Oral History Interview with Valeria Borisovna Sorokina

Identifier: CN 536
Scope and Contents Oral history interview with Valeria Borisovna Sorokina, in which she describes her childhood in Russia, her conversion to Christianity while a university student, the work of Campus Crusade for Christ and Mission Europe in Russia, the Mission Volga project, and her time as a graduate student at Wheaton College. The time period covered by the interview is 1971-1996.Valeria Sorokina was interviewed by Bob Shuster on November 18, 1996 at the Billy Graham Center Archives at Wheaton...
Dates: Created: 1996

Collection 550 Oral History Interviews with Dixie Chirwa

Identifier: CN 550
Scope and Contents Two oral history interviews with Dixie Chirwa, in which she describes growing up in Lesotho, her conversion to Christian faith and development in Christian life, training as a Campus Crusade for Christ staff worker, work with the Hospital Christian Fellowship, attendance at 1986 International Conference for Itinerant Evangelists (Amsterdam 86), work as a CCC staff member on the campuses of universities in Lesotho, education at Theological College of Central Africa, helping to train church...
Dates: Created: 1997

Collection 556 Oral History Interview with Lloyd C. Blue

Identifier: CN-556
Scope and Contents Oral history interviews with Lloyd C. Blue, in which he describes the turmoil in his early history, alcoholism, racial attitudes, military service, conversion, attending Mt. Zion Baptist Church in Los Angeles, E.V. Hill, working with Campus Crusade, impact of Bill Bright’s “Being Filled With the Holy Spirit” sermon, developing church-based program to disciple men, pastoral work, philosophy of evangelism/discipleship, discipling pastors, E.K. Bailey, Church Growth Unlimited to develop pastors,...
Dates: Created: 1933-1998

Collection 563 Papers of Robert Coleman

Identifier: CN 563
Scope and Contents Correspondence, manuscripts, oral history interviews, class lecture notes, meeting files and other materials relating to Coleman's ministry as an evangelist, scholar and church leader. Besides Coleman's own life and ministry, the collection contains voluminous material on the theology of evangelism and Christian discipleship, American 20th century Evangelicalism; the growth of Christianity in Africa, Asia and Latin America in the 20th and 21st centuries, particularly in regard to the training...
Dates: 1936-2010

Collection 569 Oral History Interviews with Donna Sue Wasson

Identifier: CN 569
Scope and Contents Oral history interviews with Donna Sue Wasson, a missionary of Overseas Missionary Fellowship (OMF) working in Taiwan starting in 1985. Topics discussed include her childhood and early spiritual seeking, conversion while in college, membership in Moody Church in Chicago and education at Moody Bible Institute, acceptance as a missionary by Overseas Missionary Fellowship, orientation in Singapore, her evangelistic ministry in Taiwan among factory workers, including teaching English classes;...
Dates: 2000

Collection 612 Oral History Interview with Brenda Stevens

Identifier: CN 612
Scope and Contents Oral history interview with Brenda (Gatlin) Stevens, an agricultural missionary with Mission to the World in Uganda. Topics discussed include Stevens's family background; conversion to Christianity; involvement with Campus Crusade for Christ; reflections on Ugandan culture and the state of the Christian church in Uganda; challenges for western missionaries in a second culture; agricultural work in Uganda; and specific medical concerns for Ugandans. The time period covered by the interview is...
Dates: Created: 1988

Collection 688 Papers of Paul M. Borthwick

Identifier: CN 688
Scope and Contents Oral history interview and articles by Paul Borthwick, a minister, and leader in the Short-Term Mission (STM) and in development ministry. In the interview Borthwick discusses his childhood in Massachusetts, involvement with Grace Chapel, his conversion and growth in Christian faith, his own early involvement with the Short Term Missions movement (STM), the development of STM in the United States and other countries; evaluation of the movement. The collection also contains dozens of articles...
Dates: 1980-2015; Majority of material found in 1980-2012

Collection 707 Oral History Interviews with Douglas W. Stewart

Identifier: CN 707
Scope and Contents Oral history interviews with Douglas W. Stewart in which he describes his ministry with the International Fellowship of Evangelical Students (IFES) in South and Central America and InterVarsity Christian Fellowship from 1963-1991. Topics discussed include Stewart’s family background, spiritual growth, education at Colombia Bible College and Trinity Evangelical Divinity School, leadership, roles, and structure of IFES, political, social, and religious context in South and Central America, gender...
Dates: 2018

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Dayton, Edward R. 1
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Deyneka, Peter, 1931- 1
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