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Collection 46: Lausanne Movement Records

Identifier: CN 046
Brief Description Correspondence, minutes, memos, reports, manuscripts of speeches, press releases, newsletters, staff manuals, audio and video tapes of sponsored events, photographs of events and personnel, and other administrative materials of the Lausanne Movement, originally called the Lausanne Committee for World Evangelization. The Committee grew out of the 1974 International Congress on World Evangelization. Its basic doctrinal statement was the Lausanne Covenant and it had the mission Ato encourage...
Dates: Created: 1949, 1969-2014

Collection 134 Papers of Marian Chapman

Identifier: CN 134
Scope and Contents

Oral history interviews, photographs, and prayer letters relating to the ministry of Marian Gold Chapman, a missionary with Latin America Mission in Cartagena, Colombia (1957-1975); Bogota, New Jersey (1975-1977), and Coral Gables, Florida (1977-1979).

Dates: Created: 1980, 1995

Collection 179 Records of Short Terms Abroad

Identifier: CN 179
Scope and Contents

Correspondence, personnel files, bulletins, newspapers, posters, publications, legal documents, photos, mailing lists, minutes of meetings, and other items pertaining to the operation of the organization, Short Terms Abroad, which brought together individuals with particular skills(such as teaching or construction) and an interested in serving as missionaries for a limited time with missions having temporary needs for those skills.

Dates: Created: 1965-1976

Collection 204 Records of South America Mission

Identifier: CN 204
Scope and Contents Legal documents, reports, linguistic materials, correspondence, publications, organizational documents of SAM, chiefly 1921-1955.Materials document the mission's beginning as the Inland South America Missionary Union. In-depth reports cover all aspects of mission activities including missionary life and descriptions of their encounters with and observations of Indian tribes, methods of evangelizing, use of linguistic materials relating to Indian languages, personnel policies, social and...
Dates: Created: 1905-1981; Other: Majority of material found in 1921-1955

Collection 217 Papers of Elisa Espineli Chinn

Identifier: CN 217
Scope and Contents The collection consists of four oral history interviews with Lisa Chinn covering her childhood and family, education, ministry with Inter-Varsity Christian Fellowship of the Philippines and InterVarsity in the United States, ministries with her husband Leiton in the US among international students (with International Students, Inc., Interaction, and their church), writing projects, and her experience as a woman leader. Also included are her graduate school creative project, "Cross Cultural...
Dates: Created: 1972-2020

Collection 255 Oral History Interview of Helen Frame

Identifier: CN 255
Scope and Contents Oral history interviews with Helen Nowack Frame (1908-1999) in which she discusses her childdhood growing up in China, decision to become a missionary for Overseas Missionary Fellowship, education at Wheaton College, years of service in China, culture and political events in China; leaving China in 1951 with her husband Raymond and their children and resettlement in the Philippines, teaching at Faith Academy, development of the Bible Institute, return and activities in Wheaton. The time...
Dates: Created: 1983

Collection 264 Records of Pioneer Ministries

Identifier: CN 264
Scope and Contents Correspondence, reports, photos, slides, tapes, curriculum materials, manuals, etc., relating to the work of the PM (formerly Pioneer Girls) in North American Churches. Materials document PM's early history, camping program (philosophy and history of Camp Cheriths and reference materials used to operate a camp and train camp staff), communications functions depicting the variety of tools used to communicate news and information to participants in its programs, orientation materials for field...
Dates: Created: 1939-1983

Collection 287 Oral History Interview with Margaret Crossett

Identifier: CN 287
Scope and Contents Oral history interviews with Margaret Rice Elliott Crossett in which she describes her childhood with her missionary parents in China, her education at Wheaton College, and missionary career with her husband, Vincent Crossett, in China and Taiwan with China Inland Mission/Overseas Missionary Fellowship (1929-1948, 1961-1973). Topics discussed include  Crossett's childhood in China; description of Chinese indigenous worship practices and syncretism in Chinese religious culture; Crossett's...
Dates: Created: 1984-1986

Collection 313 Papers of Robert C. Van Kampen

Identifier: CN 313
Scope and Contents Correspondence, minutes, reports, manuscripts, photographs, audio tapes, clippings, etc., related to Van Kampen's responsibilities on the Board of Directors of the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association as well as various board committees, the boards of BGEA subsidiaries or affiliated institutions (Billy Graham Benevolent Fund, Billy Graham Evangelistic Film Ministry, Inc., Billy Graham Evangelistic Trust, Billy Graham Foundation, Grason Company, World Evangelism and Christian Education Fund,...
Dates: Created: 1944-1982

Collection 322 Papers of Oswald J. Smith

Identifier: CN 322
Scope and Contents Correspondence, audio tapes, hymn and poem manuscripts, lantern slides, phonograph records, negatives, photographs, tracts, posters, audio tapes, clippings, scrapbooks, etc., related to Oswald J. Smith's career as an evangelist, pastor, author and editor, hymn writer and poet, colporteur, and promoter of missions involvement. Includes material on the Smith family; his evangelistic ministry, particularly in Canada; the North American hymn publishing industry, particularly correspondence with...
Dates: Created: 1890-1986

Collection 343 Papers of Samuel F. Wolgemuth

Identifier: CN 343
Scope and Contents Administrative correspondence, reports, minutes, memos, newsletters, publications, promotional material, photographs, and slides documenting Samuel F. Wolgemuth's term (1965-1973) as president for Youth for Christ. The correspondence with YFC staff, individuals, and representatives of other Christian organizations, predominates. Materials document contact with major YFC donors, administration of YFC at various executive levels, fund raising, communication, and promotion. Prominent people...
Dates: Created: 1962-1981

Collection 362 Records of Voice of Calvary Ministries

Identifier: CN 362
Scope and Contents Administrative correspondence, memos, reports, photographs and other material, relating to the evangelistic ministry of Voice of Calvary Ministries in a context of holistic community development, economic redistribution, and racial reconciliation, primarily from the mid-1970s to 1986 in Mendenhall and Jackson, Mississippi, and nearby rural communities. The collection especially describes the operation of the organization, the fund raising for and promotion of its work, and the educational...
Dates: Created: 1969-1986

Collection 367 Papers of John Perkins

Identifier: CN 367
Scope and Contents Oral history interview, video tapes, and promotional material, relating to the ministry of John Perkins, author, speaker, and founder and President Emeritus of Voice of Calvary Ministries.Series: Audio TapesOral history interview with John PerkinsInterview with John Perkins in which he describes his childhood in rural Mississippi, his conversion, the formation of VOCM, its program and significant events and individuals in its...
Dates: Created: 1983-1995

Collection 373 Oral History Interview with Dolphus Weary

Identifier: CN 373
Scope and Contents

Oral hisotry interview with Dolphus Douglas Weary, in which he describes his childhood, education and religious training in rural Mississippi, conversion, leadership in Voice of Calvary Ministries and Mendenhall Ministries, impressions of John Perkins, and racial conditions in Mississippi. The time period covered by the interview is 1948-1987.

Dolphus Weary was interviewed by Paul A. Ericksen on June 25, 1987 at the Mendenhall Ministries headquarters in Mendenhall, Mississippi.

Dates: Created: 1987

Collection 406 Records of SEND International

Identifier: CN 406
Scope and Contents Correspondence, reports, minutes, promotional materials, prayer letters, incorporation documents, news releases, statistics, newsletters, clippings, photographic prints and negatives, films, organizational charts, financial record, etc., related to the origins, development, and operation of SEND International in Alaska, Japan, Philippines, Taiwan, and U.S. based operations. Documentation begins with the pre-incorporation of the organization and its first iteration as the GI GOSPEL HOUR phase...
Dates: Created: 1943-1989

Collection 407 Records of InterAct Ministries

Identifier: CN 407
Scope and Contents Correspondence, minutes, newsletters, brochures, handbook, video tapes, and historical sketches documenting the ministry of the mission. Topics covered include administration of the mission, the Arctic Bible Institute, infant baptism, the Moravian Church, Arctic Training Center, Victory High School, Multi Media Production, the correspondence school program, Victory Bible Camp, Slavic Gospel Association's transfer of its work in Alaska to AMI, Native Institute of Canada, Native Bible Centre...
Dates: Created: 1947-1989

Collection 419 Oral History Interviews with Crawford W. Loritts, Jr.

Identifier: CN 419
Scope and Contents Oral history interviews with Crawford Wheeler Loritts, Jr., in which he discusses his childhood; family; conversion; education at Philadelphia College of Bible; perception of racial conditions as he experienced them; evangelistic ministry; church planting projects with of Black Evangelistic Enterprise in Canton, Mississippi, and with Tony Evans in Dallas Other topics discussed include: American Missionary Fellowship; Tony Evans; Here's Life Black America;...
Dates: Created: 1989-1990

Collection 440 Oral History Interviews with Inge Rydland

Identifier: CN 440
Scope and Contents Oral history interviews with Inge Herman Rydland in which he describes his family's Lutheran evangelistic work in Norway; his own call to become a missionary; his and his wife's departure to Ethiopia as workers of the Swedish Evangelical Mission in 1977; his work in Ethiopia as a teacher and as a community development work. Other topics discussed include:  the work of the Ethiopian Evangelical Church Meaken Yesus; church state relations; effect of the Ethiopian political situation on the...
Dates: Created: 1991

Collection 473 Oral History Interview with Clayton L. Berg, Jr.

Identifier: CN 473
Scope and Contents Oral historyinterviews with Clayton L. Berg, known as  "Mike," former missionary, educator and president of Latin America Mission. Topics discussed include Berg's youth, family, conversion, education (including Wheaton Grad School), youth pastorate at Western Springs church, marriage and family, language training at Spanish Language Institute, Hogar Biblico, teaching and administration at the Latin America Biblical Seminary iin Costa Rica, administration of LAM's Education Division, training...
Dates: Created: 1993

Collection 503 Oral History Interviews with Ian M. Hay

Identifier: CN 503
Scope and Contents Oral history interviews with Ian M. Hay in which he describes his childhood; missionary parents and their work in Nigeria; Hay's spiritual growth and call to missions; education and training for missionary work; Sudan Interior Mission (later renamed SIM International) for which he worked (as a missionary, administrative executive and director); missionary work in Nigeria; indigenous church administration (particularly in the Evangelical Church of West Africa or ECWA); Other topics discussed...
Dates: Created: 1994

Collection 510 Oral History Interviews with Erik S. Barnett

Identifier: CN 510
Scope and Contents Oral history interviews with Erik Stanley Barnett (1910-2006) in which he describes his childhood in Kenya as the son of missionary parents; his own work in that country as pastor, church planter, educator and administrator with Africa Inland Mission (AIM); the internal developments of AIM and of the Africa Inland Church in Kenya during the twentieth century. Other topics discussed include: his parents’ missionary service in Kenya among the Maasai people; changes in AIM missionary training...
Dates: Created: 1995

Collection 585 Oral History Interview with John B. Lutembeka

Identifier: CN 585
Scope and Contents Oral history interview with John B. Lutembeka in which he discusses his family and childhood in Tanzania, education in Uganda during the Idi Amin regime, conversion to the Christian faith while attending teacher's college; the development of his personal faith, the founding and growth of Big November Crusade Ministries; the rapid numerical growth of Christianity in Tanzania; the Tanzanian church's characteristics, strengths and weaknesses; his education at the Wheaton College Graduate...
Dates: Created: 2003

Collection 707 Oral History Interviews with Douglas W. Stewart

Identifier: CN 707
Scope and Contents Oral history interviews with Douglas W. Stewart in which he describes his ministry with the International Fellowship of Evangelical Students (IFES) in South and Central America and InterVarsity Christian Fellowship from 1963-1991. Topics discussed include Stewart’s family background, spiritual growth, education at Colombia Bible College and Trinity Evangelical Divinity School, leadership, roles, and structure of IFES, political, social, and religious context in South and Central America,...
Dates: 2018

David M. Howard, Sr., Papers

Identifier: CN 484
Scope and Contents Four oral history interviews, paper records, and photographs documenting David Howard's life and work with Latin American Mission, InterVarsity Christian Fellowship, and World Evangelical Fellowship. Topics covered in the interviews include Howard's childhood, Christian faith, education at Wheaton College, work as a missionary and administrator with Latin America Mission; missions director for Inter-Varsity Christian Fellowship, director of the 1980 Consultation on World Evangelization; and...
Dates: Created: 1968-1993

Evangelical Fellowship of Mission Agencies Records

Identifier: CN-165
Brief Description Executive Directors' (Clyde Taylor, Wade Coggins, Paul McKaughan) files of the EFMA. The association of denominational and nondenominational foreign missions boards began as a commission of the National Association of Evangelicals to serve common interests of members in government relations (domestic and foreign); use of communication channels; cooperative purchasing/travel; and relations between each other. The collection is subdivided into thirteen parts: 1. Correspondence and General...
Dates: Created: 1937-1996

Gospel Tract Collection

Identifier: SC-222
Dates: Other: -

InterVarsity Christian Fellowship Records

Identifier: CN 300
Brief Description Administrative records of IVCF spanning the time period from its founding in 1940 until 1991; includes materials created prior to the establishment of IVCF. Includes records of the presidents (Woods, Hummel, Troutman, McLeish, Alexander, McLeish), Paul Little, Campus chapters, Regional divisions and directors, Missions department, Urbana Missions Conventions, Nurses Christian Fellowship, Development department, Jim Nyquist, Strategic Planning, Finance, and manuscript material for the 1991...
Dates: 1928-2017

Latin America Mission Records

Identifier: CN 236
Brief Description Records of the mission, including correspondence, minutes, reports, memos, financial reports, policy statements, planning documents, promotional material, photographs, etc. Documents describe the origins of LAM (particularly the contribution of the Strachan family); evangelistic, church planting, educational, medical, and literature activities (primarily in Colombia and Costa Rica, but also many other Latin American countries and the United States); the restructuring of the mission in the...
Dates: Created: 1903-1994

Mission Aviation Fellowship Records

Identifier: CN 136
Scope and Contents Office files of MAF, a mission agency that provided transportation, radio contact and other support to missions working in remote areas, as well as some services to non-mission agencies. Materials, including correspondence, minutes, reports, prayer letters, personnel files, and budgets, that document the administration and activities of MAF, especially the regional offices in Africa, Asia, Europe and Latin America, the Development division (extensive individual prayer letters from entire...
Dates: Created: 1944-2006

OC International Records

Identifier: CN 222
Brief Description Correspondence, reports, minutes, manuscripts, handbooks, directories, photographs, etc., relating to the mission's work of evangelism, church planting and development of national leadership in Africa, Asia, Europe, and Latin America since its origin in 1950 and official founding in 1951. Documents describe the founding and expansion of the mission, administrations of Dick Hillis (first president from 1951-1976, but also including files dating back to 1933 on his years as a missionary in...
Dates: Created: 1933-1998

Overseas Missionary Fellowship (China Inland Mission) Records

Identifier: CN 215
Brief Description Correspondence, minutes, directories, newsletters, brochures, photographs, book manuscripts, slides, photo albums, and other materials which document the history of the North American branch of the mission. Materials cover the origins of the mission's North American branch; its church planting, evangelistic, medical, educational, and literature work in China until the time of its expulsion in 1951; its reorganization from China Inland Mission into Overseas Missionary Fellowship; its work...
Dates: Created: 1853, 1886-1990, 2001, undated; Other: Majority of material found in 1886-2001

The Navigators Records

Identifier: CN 007
Scope and Contents Correspondence, memos, reports, forms, manuals, statistical summaries, publicity materials, newspaper clippings relating to the counseling and follow-up systems the Navigators created and supervised for Billy Graham Evangelistic Association meetings between 1950 and 1957. Records document the details of this system for counseling people who came forward at BGEA evangelistic meetings and maintaining contact with them as they began to develop a Christian lifestyle. For some crusades, besides...
Dates: Created: 1947-1974

Wheaton College Billy Graham Center Records

Identifier: CN 003
Brief Description Correspondence, proposals, reports, minutes, programs, publications brochures, budgets, audio tapes, clippings, photographs, and video tapes related to the founding, ground breaking and dedication and continuing work of the Billy Graham Center at Wheaton College as a research and training center in evangelism, and its ongoing activities. Includes audio and video recordings of Center-sponsored conferences (on themes including evangelism and evangelistic preaching, outreach to various...
Dates: Created: 1919-2011

Youth for Christ Records

Identifier: CN 048
Brief Description Minutes, constitution and by-laws, clippings, newsletters, manuals, pamphlets, directories, press releases, audio tapes, videotapes, photographs, posters, club yearbooks, correspondence, etc., about the founding, development and growth, and activities of Youth for Christ in the USA and internationally.Collection documents organizational policies, correspondence of the organization's presidents, conventions and Bible quiz competitions, the operation of Campus Life clubs, Youth...
Dates: Created: 1944-ongoing; Other: Majority of material found in 1944-ongoing

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International Fellowship of Evangelical Students (IFES) 4
Lausanne Committee for World Evangelization. 4
Padilla, C. René. 4
Stott, John R. W. 4
Alexander, John W. (John Wesley), 1918-2002. 3
Association of Evangelicals of Africa and Madagascar. 3
Berg, Clayton L., 1928- 3
Billy Graham Center. 3
Comunidad Latinoamericano de Ministerios Evangelicos. 3
Edman, V. Raymond (Victor Raymond), 1900-1967. 3
Escobar, Samuel E., 1934- 3
Evans, Robert P., 1918-2011. 3
Fenton, Horace L. 3
International Congress on World Evangelization. 3
Jones, Bob, 1883-1968. 3
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Little, Paul E. 3
Mendenhall Ministries (Mendenhall, Miss.) 3
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Seminario Biblico Latinoamericano. 3
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Strachan, R. Kenneth (Robert Kenneth), 1910-1965. 3
United Mission to Nepal. 3
Voice of Calvary Ministries (U.S.) 3
Weary, Dolphus., 1946- 3
Wheaton '83: An International Evangelical Conference on the Nature and Mission of the Church. 3
Woods, C. Stacey, 1909-1983. 3
World Council of Churches. 3
World Evangelical Fellowship. 3
Allison, Lon (Lon J.), 1952-2019. 2
Armerding, Hudson T. 2
Asian Theological Seminary. 2
Bright, Bill. 2
Bryant, David, 1945- 2
Catholic Church. 2
Chiang, Kai-shek, 1887-1975. 2
Cook, Clyde. 2
Cook, Robert A., 1912- 2
Dayton, Edward R. 2
Elliot, Jim, 1927-1956. 2
Evangelical Committee on Latin America. 2
Evangelical Literature Overseas. 2
Fletcher, Artis. 2
Frizen, E. L. 2
Hale, Ned. 2
Hayner, Stephen A. 2
Hendrix, Olan. 2
Hillis, Dick. 2
Hoke, Donald E. 2
Hoste, Dixon Edward, 1861-1946. 2
Intercristo (Organization) 2
Interdenominational Foreign Mission Association of North America. 2
Jones, Bob, 1911-1997. 2
Kesler, Jay. 2
Keyes, Lawrence E., 1944- 2
Lum, Ada. 2
M. Isáis, Juan (Martínez Isáis) 2
MacDonald, Gordon, 1939- 2
Magalit, Isabelo F. 2
McKaughan, Paul. 2
Montgomery, James H., 1930- 2
Moody Bible Institute. 2
National Association of Evangelicals. 2
Navigators (Religious organization) 2
OC International. 2
Palau, Luis, 1934- 2
Pretiz, Paul E., 1926- 2
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Taylor, Clyde W. (Clyde Willis), 1904-1988. 2
Tucker, Lem. 2
Wolgemuth, Sam. 2
World Missionary Conference. 2
Wycliffe Bible Translators. 2
A.D. 2000 Movement. 1
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