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Landon Chronicles (1887): Margaret on Her Parents and Extended Family (hour 58, clip 2)

 Digital Record
Identifier: LC58-02


  • Digitized: 1887


Summary Note

Margaret goes over Mortensen family history, telling of her grandfather who emigrated to this country, and of how her father took on the responsibilities for his family when he was twelve. Grandfather had invented, among other things, a merry-go-round, and he travelled around from country fair to country fair with it while A.D. carried the responsibility for the family back home. All the other five children of that family lived long, healthy lives. A.D. was burned out by hard work and died at fifty. Kenneth worked hard, but he didn't have a "nervous" or inflexible temperament. "You see the way Kenneth does things, so quickly, so fast, and so easily." (Length 6:37)