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Evangelical Alliance Mission (TEAM)


Found in 46 Collections and/or Records:

Billy Graham Center Library mission agencies vertical files.

 Unprocessed Material — Box: 4
Identifier: 2014-020
Dates: Undated

Collection 087 Papers of Fredrik Franson

Identifier: CN 087
Scope and Contents Microfilm copy of correspondence, reports, excerpts from sermons and other writings collected by Rev. Edward P. Torjesen on the life and ministry of Fredrik Franson (1852-1908). Materials include articles written about evangelistic work, prophecy conferences, missionary efforts on several continents, and the recruitment of Christian workers.  Persons featured include mission founders A.B. Simpson and James Hudson Taylor. Materials include articles in several languages. Documents are arranged...
Dates: Created: 1872-1909

Collection 171 Papers of Albert and Mary Lee Bobby

Identifier: CN 171
Scope and Contents Oral history interviews and personal papers of Albert and Mary Lee Bobby, missionaries in Lisbon and Santiago do Cacem, Portugal, under The Evangelical Alliance Mission (TEAM). Collection includes interviews, articles, correspondence, prayer letters, manuscript notes, and other material from the Bobbys about their mission work, including evangelism and radio broadcasting. The correspondence also includes information on various theological issues and American Christian leaders. The oral...
Dates: Created: 1980-1982

Collection 177 Papers of Zoe Anne Alford

Identifier: CN 177
Scope and Contents This collection contains curriculum materials and lecture notes, manuscripts of messages, correspondence, prayer letters, financial records, clippings, maps, promotional materials, minutes, photographs, newsletters, oral history interview, documenting Zoe Anne Alford's work in India and among Navajo Indians in New Mexico. The collection provides a broad overview of her education, preparation and missionary career, extending from her grammar school education into her retirement. It provides...
Dates: Created: 1925-1983

Collection 209 Papers of Eugene R. Bertermann

Identifier: CN 209
Scope and Contents Correspondence, reports, minutes, manuscripts, photographs, phonograph records, and other materials relating to Eugene R. Bertermann's involvement in religious broadcasting, particularly in regard to his responsibilities as president and one of the board of directors of the National Religious Broadcasters; executive director and board member of Far East Broadcasting Company; and one of the planners of the ecumenical evangelistic effort known as Key '73.Materials particularly...
Dates: Created: 1955-1981

Collection 225 Records of the Baptista Film Mission

Identifier: CN 225
Scope and Contents Correspondence, diaries, newsletters, scripts, catalogs, films, and other material related to the work of the Baptista Film Mission. This collection contains much information on the beginnings of the Protestant evangelical Christian film industry. Included are films featured are evangelical and fundamentalist figures like V. Raymond Edman, Billy Graham, Henry A. Ironside, Bob Jones Jr., Paul Rader, Oswald J. Smith, and Walter Wilson and nondenominational organizations. Subjects documented...
Dates: Created: 1908-1977; Majority of material found in 1939-1963

Collection 250 Oral History Interview with Robert Savage

Identifier: CN 250
Scope and Contents Oral history interview with Robert Carlton Savage (1914-1987) in which he discusses his work as a missionary evangelist in Colombia (1942-1944) and his work in Ecuador for missionary radio station HCJB and Youth for Christ (1944-1969). Topics discussed include: his call to mission work and service in Colombia and Ecuador with the Evangelical Alliance Mission (TEAM), radio station HCJB, Youth for Christ, and various other mission-related topics. The time period covered by the interview is...
Dates: Created: 1983

Collection 258 Oral History Interview with Bradford E. Steiner

Identifier: CN 258
Scope and Contents Oral history interview with Bradford Ezra Steiner (1917-1987), in which he discusses his medical work at Landour Hospital in Landour, Mussoorie, India; diseases; folk medicine; evangelistic outreach to patients in the hospital; conflicts between Christians, Hindus, and Muslims; and carrying medical care into the surrounding villages. The time period covered by the interview is roughly 1947 to 1958.Bradford Ezra Steiner was interviewed by Ted Reihmer at Steiner's home in Elmhurst,...
Dates: Created: 1983

Collection 280 Papers of Malla Moe

Identifier: CN 280
Scope and Contents

Diaries, notebooks, correspondence, clippings, financial records, tracts, photographs, and certificates belonging to Malla Moe, missionary to South Africa, 1892-1953, under Scandinavian Alliance Mission (later TEAM). Correspondence documents evangelistic work among South African tribes in Swaziland and Tongoland and includes descriptions of the Boer War, life in African communities, and church growth.

Dates: Created: 1893-1955

Collection 312 Papers of Diane W. Hawkins

Identifier: CN 312
Scope and Contents Collection 312 consists of letters, oral history interviews, articles, minutes of meetings, reports and other relating to Diane Hawkins' missionary service in Zimbabwe (then Rhodesia) as well as the tapes of an oral history interview conducted several years later. Among the topics covered are: TEAM's evangelistic, and educational work in Rhodesia; the lifestyle, music, and beliefs of Shona people; the civil war between white government and the black nationalist guerrillas which raged while...
Dates: Created: 1970-1985

Collection 317 Oral History Interview with Ian H. and Ruth E. Cook

Identifier: CN 317
Scope and Contents Oral history interviews with Ian Harper Cooke and Ruth Eileen (Witmer) Cook, in which Ian describes his childhood and education in South Africa, college education at Wheaton College, training for missionary work, medical missions work in South Africa with The Evangelical Alliance Mission (TEAM), the Zulus, apartheid, and the national church; and Ruth describes her childhood, conversion, and intention to become a missionary nurse, education at West Suburban Hospital and Wheaton College,...
Dates: Created: 1985

Collection 381 Oral History Interview with Peter Deyneka, Jr.

Identifier: CN 381
Scope and Contents Oral history interview with Peter Simon Deyneka, Jr. (1931-2000) in which he describes his father, Peter Deyneka Sr; his own education at Wheaton College; and his early Christian work in Alaska, South America and Korea. Other topics discussed include: Deyneka's childhood in Chicago as the child of Russian immigrants, spiritual life on Wheaton College campus, decision to go into full-time ministry with the Slavic Gospel Association, working among the Aleut people in Alaska, refugee camps in...
Dates: Created: 1987

Collection 462 Oral History Interview with Adrian O. Ban

Identifier: CN 462
Scope and Contents Oral history interview with Adrian Ban in which he describes his family background, the revival in his Baptist church in Oradea, Romania; his own conversion; attempts by the government to intimidate Christians; influence of Christians such as Joseph Tson, Liviu Olah, and Aurel Tosa; his involvement in music ministry in Romania; the 1989 revolution in Romania; conditions for the church since the revolution; impressions of the church in the United States and Romania; the Romanian Missionary...
Dates: Created: 1992

Collection 471 Papers of W. Arthur Saunders

Identifier: CN 471
Scope and Contents Oral history interview and a manuscript translated by W. Arthur Saunders, relating to Saunder’s missionary service in China with China Inland Mission and Overseas Missionary Fellowship from 1930 to 1987. The interview describes his childhood in England, emigration to New Zealand, training at the New Zealand Bible Institute, joining the China Inland Mission, going to China in 1930, evangelistic work in south Gansu province, the work of Chinese evangelists, worship services in Gansu churches,...
Dates: Created: 1992

Collection 522 Oral History Interviews with Joel Martínez Hernandez

Identifier: CN 522
Scope and Contents Oral history interviews with Joel Martínez Hernandez in which he discusses his early childhood in Jaruco, Cuba; conversion to Christianity; being son of missionaries; bi-culturalism; Toccoa Falls boarding school and college; effect of service in the United States Navy on spiritual development; reasons for not being TEAM missionary; missionary work in Barcelona and then Madrid, Spain with Christian & Missionary Alliance; traditional church models versus cell-group based models; education...
Dates: Created: 1995

Collection 535 Oral History Interview with Mona Joyce

Identifier: CN 535
Scope and Contents Oral history interviews with Mona Miller Joyce (1912-2000) in which she describes her childhood and youth, conversion and spiritual development, call to missionary work, family, work in China with China Inland Mission, husband Raymond Joyce, the Communist period in China and CIM's expulsion from the country, co-workers Dr. Jessie McDonald and Mabel Soltau, Pentecostalism, relations among missionaries, her role as a woman missionary, outreach to Muslims, their work in the Persian Gulf with...
Dates: Created: 1996

Collection 561 Oral History Interviews with Charles C. Kay

Identifier: CN 561
Scope and Contents Oral history interviews with Charles Conrad Kay in which he describes his family background, interest in music, conversion at the age of 24, first steps in the Christian faith, his early ministry in Europe on a short-term program with Greater Europe Mission, marriage, education at Moody Bible Institute, ministry at Cook County Jail, joining the Evangelical Alliance Mission (TEAM), raising support, and the Kays’ first term as missionaries in France from 1994 to 1999. The events described in...
Dates: Created: 1998

Diane Hawkins book on Project Zimbabwe and accompanying research materials.

 Unprocessed Material — Box: 1
Identifier: 2006-007
Dates: 1935-2005

Donald and Mary McGavran Papers

Identifier: CN 178
Brief Description

Correspondence, lectures, sermons, book manuscripts, surveys, audio tapes, video tapes, microfilm of letters, notes, and other records dealing with the life of the McGavrans, especially their work as missionaries in India with the Disciples of Christ, and Donald's activities as an author and educator, including his role as founding dean of Fuller Seminary's School of World Mission. Much of the collection deals with his role in originating, developing, and applying church growth theory.

Dates: Created: 1906-2000

Harold Cook papers.

 Unprocessed Material — Box: 1
Identifier: 1991-109
Dates: 1958-1971

Interdenominational Foreign Mission Association (IFMA) Records

Identifier: CN 352
Brief Description Correspondence, form letters, financial and statistical reports, minutes, memos and promotional material related to IFMA administration and its service to its member missions. The files on IFMA members and numerous other Christian agencies predominate. Also includes series of maps of Latin American countries identifying nondenominational and denominational mission activity. Numerous mission-related subjects are documented. Persons prominently featured include Jack Frizen, Billy Graham, and...
Dates: Created: 1934-1983, undated

Irl and Flo McCallister papers.

 Unprocessed Material — Box: 1
Identifier: 2014-034
Dates: 1963-1993

Irl and Florence McCallister papers.

 Unprocessed Material — Box: 3
Identifier: 2007-049
Dates: 1929-2004

Jane A. McNally papers.

 Unprocessed Material — Box: 2
Identifier: 2019-037
Dates: 1944-2012

Jane McNally papers.

 Unprocessed Material — Box: 1
Identifier: 2020-006
Dates: 1945-2003

Leonard Buck manuscript.

 Unprocessed Material — Folder: 1
Identifier: 2006-006
Dates: 1943-1981

Malla Moe materials.

 Unprocessed Material — Folder: 1
Identifier: 1999-021
Dates: 1892-1998

Malla Moe materials.

 Unprocessed Material — Folder: 1
Identifier: 2007-031
Dates: 1926-1953

Malla Moe, Wilfred Miller, and Inger Miller materials.

 Unprocessed Material — Folder: 1
Identifier: 2000-049
Dates: 1951-1995.

Misc. Records of The Evangelical Alliance Mission (TEAM), 1900-2020

 Unprocessed Material
Identifier: 2023-030
Dates: 1900-2020

Mission board brochures.

 Unprocessed Material — Folder: 1
Identifier: 1982-168
Dates: Undated

Overseas Missionary Fellowship (China Inland Mission) Records

Identifier: CN 215
Brief Description Correspondence, minutes, directories, newsletters, brochures, photographs, book manuscripts, slides, photo albums, and other materials which document the history of the North American branch of the mission. Materials cover the origins of the mission's North American branch; its church planting, evangelistic, medical, educational, and literature work in China until the time of its expulsion in 1951; its reorganization from China Inland Mission into Overseas Missionary Fellowship; its work...
Dates: Created: 1853, 1886-1990, 2001, undated; Other: Majority of material found in 1886-2001

Ray Smith's Shensi Mystery booklet.

 Unprocessed Material — Folder: 1
Identifier: 1997-079
Dates: 1997

Robert and Wilda Savage papers.

 Unprocessed Material — Box: 1
Identifier: 1990-061
Dates: 1917-1989

Small Collection 031 Records of The Evangelical Alliance Mission

Identifier: Small CN 031
Scope and Contents

This collection contains an orientation handbook created by The Evangelical Alliance Mission for TEAM missionaries and candidates to orient them to the mission's goals, methods, and policies. The manual outlines regulations related to fundraising, visas and overseas travel, health and country-specific information. Also included is information on TEAM's Medical Aid Fund and a letter explaining TEAM's procedure for reviewing candidiates for mission fields.

Dates: Created: 1962-1964

TEAM archives, fifth accession, Boxes 183-270.

 Unprocessed Material — Box: 88, Box: 183-270
Identifier: 2022-017
Dates: 1897-2014

TEAM archives, fourth accession, boxes 139-182.

 Unprocessed Material — Box: 44, Box: 139-182
Identifier: 2022-015
Dates: 1893-2009

TEAM archives, second accession, boxes 4-72.

 Unprocessed Material — Box: 69, Box: 4-72
Identifier: 2022-008
Dates: 1893-2006

TEAM archives, third accession, boxes 73-138.

 Unprocessed Material — Box: 66, Box: 73-138
Identifier: 2022-012
Dates: 1895-2015, nd

TEAM missionaries' photo scrapbook and notebooks.

 Unprocessed Material — Box: 1
Identifier: 1990-004
Dates: 1901-1970

TEAM Records, 1900-2015

 Unprocessed Material — Box: 1
Identifier: 2024-005
Dates: 1900-2015

The Evangelical Alliance Mission (TEAM) digitized files.

 Unprocessed Material
Identifier: 2022-031
Dates: Majority of material found within 1958-1986

The Evangelical Alliance Mission (TEAM) records.

 Unprocessed Material — Box: 2
Identifier: 1983-089
Dates: 1934-1970

The Evangelical Alliance Mission (TEAM) Zimbabwe records.

 Unprocessed Material — Folder: 1
Identifier: 2007-002
Dates: 1950-1958

The Evangelical Alliance photo and negative files.

 Unprocessed Material — Box: 1, Box: 1-12
Identifier: 2022-033
Dates: Undated

World Evangelical Alliance Records

Identifier: CN 338
Brief Description

Correspondence, reports, minutes, budgets, audio tapes, photographs. Topics documented included the formation of the WEF; the gradual growth of influence by non-Western associations; the activities of Evangelical Protestants in many different parts of the world; the leadership of J. Elwin Wright, Clyde Taylor, Waldron Scott, and David Howard, among others. Many of the twenty-eight audiotapes are of addresses presented at the Eighth General Assembly in Singapore in 1986.

Dates: Created: 1926-1992, undated; Other: Majority of material found in 1948-1986

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Missions -- South Africa. 13
Missions -- India. 12
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Conversion. 11
Language in missionary work. 11
Missionaries -- Training of. 11
Missions -- China. 11
Women -- Religious life. 11
Women missionaries. 11
Church and state. 10
Missions. 10
Missions -- Japan. 9
Radio in missionary work. 9
Christianity and culture. 8
Evangelicalism. 8
Persecution. 8
Religious institutions. 8
Women 8
Children of missionaries. 7
Christian education. 7
Evangelistic work -- United States. 7
Indigenous church administration 7
Missionaries -- Leaves and furloughs. 7
Missions -- Colombia. 7
Missions -- Tibet. 7
Christian life. 6
Church development, New. 6
Church growth. 6
Communism. 6
Missionaries, Resignation of. 6
Missions -- Eswatini. 6
Missions -- Interdenominational cooperation. 6
Missions -- Taiwan. 6
Missions -- Zimbabwe. 6
Missions to Muslims. 6
Missions, Medical. 6
Prayer. 6
Bible. 5
Catholic Church. 5
Christian literature -- Publication and distribution. 5
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Fundamentalism. 5
Missions -- Mexico. 5
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Missions -- Russia. 5
Missions -- Spain. 5
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Missions -- Venezuela. 5
Pentecostalism. 5
Radio in religion. 5
Wheaton College (Ill.) -- Alumni. 5
Children. 4
China -- History -- 1937-1945. 4
China -- History -- Civil War, 1945-1949. 4
China -- History. 4
Christian leadership. 4
Christian literature. 4
Church work with children. 4
Communism -- China. 4
Evangelicalism -- United States. 4
Evangelistic work -- Philosophy. 4
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Missions -- Philippines. 4
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Missions -- Trinidad 4
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Animism. 3
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Bible -- Study and teaching. 3
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Children -- United States 3
Children -- United States -- Conversion to Christianity. 3
Children of missionaries -- Education. 3
China. 3
Church work with youth. 3
Church. 3
Discrimination. 3
Education 3
Evangelistic work -- India. 3
Evangelistic work -- Japan. 3
Evangelistic work -- South Africa. 3
Intercultural communication. 3
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Mass media in religion. 3
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